There are dozens of different ways to use cards in teamwork or coaching. The most simple way is to use them for team warm-up.

I am sure many people ask themselves, “Why do you need a team warm-up and what is it?”. Athletes warm up well before a competition or training session. Why? Above all, to not hurt themselves and to prepare all important muscle groups for exertion. In teams, we often forget the warm-up. All participants come to the meeting with their thoughts and feelings – for example home troubles, previous meeting topics, or conflict with a coworker. In this situation, at the beginning of the meeting the participants are not focused on the topics of the meeting nor on listening to each other.  Quite often in the middle of a meeting someone explodes, raises their voice, or has a long and meaningless argument because they have no intention of listening to each other. How could cards help in this situation? Very easily!

1.Take a pack of cards with pictures

2.Ask each participant to take one card, which for them:

  • symbolizes how today has gone so far
  • gives a snapshot of current feelings
  • portrays their weekend emotion

It is important that each person chooses a card based on their own thoughts and feelings, rather than looking for cards that they think represent themselves.

3.Everyone briefly shares their card – Why did they choose that one?

  • The group leader/head of the meeting goes first
  • Each other’s stories and the cards are not commented – we all see things, that are is important to us in the pictures.
  • Everything shared will stay inside the walls of the meeting room and that will not talked about or commented on later on.

All this takes 5-7 minutes (depending on the size of the team). However, this can have a very positive impact on the follow-up of the whole meeting. I’ve been using cards for this purpose for years, and so far, no person has ever refused to take or share a card. As people, we want to be listened to, and this brief card exercise will give everyone a chance to be heard at the beginning of the meeting.

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