Choose 2 coaching sessions and we offer you 2 extra sessions as a gift.

Coaching is a conversation with a professional and caring partner on topics that are important to you. Coaching helps to create clarity and provides certainty.

We can support you in:

  • Mapping the current situation on personal level / for your team / for your organization
  • Finding out-of-the-box solutions
  • Preparing an action plan
  • Understanding and dealing with feelings – your own and others’
  • Preparing for difficult conversations or challenging public communication
  • Etc.

We offer a coaching package consisting of 4 online sessions for 300 euros + 20%VAT. (The regular price is 600 euros). In addition to two paid sessions, we offer two extra sessions as a gift!

Coaching is provided by certified and experienced coaches:

Reet Neemoja

Maarika Lember

Enn Saar

Upon your request we provide a free 20 min video call with the coach prior to the first session, to get to know each other, to get a better understanding of the coaching process and to assess mutual compatibility. 

We recognize that the organizations and companies most in need of support are those whose financial situation has been most affected by the lockdown. We want to help and be available to customers for whom even our discounted price is not currently affordable. Sunergos team offers a limited number of coaching sessions provided that the amount of the fee is decided by the client. Write to us about your need at info@sunergos.ee or contact one of us directly and let’s find a solution together.


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