WHY and HOW?

WHY is the personal development journey of Inner Compass built up this way and expects long-term commitment?

One of my coaching teachers, Tara Mohr, has captured it well:

There is a belief in our culture, that you learn with your mind – from reading about things, thinking about them etc. Other belief is, that everything needs to be done quickly and right away, because there is very little time. Personal development does not fit in with these beliefs well. 

Both: my personal experience as well as experience with clients as a coach, has showed me that personal development is a lifelong process and efficient methods for personal development are:

  • sharing your thoughts with other people, who are on a similar journey;
  • trying out new ways of being/behaving in a safe “study lab” and later in real life;
  • gaining knowledge about our subconscious mind through noticing synchronicities, dreams and body symptoms
  • using writing to open our creativity and accessing our inner wisdom
  • finally maturing – working with topics over a longer period of time less consciously, than when thinking about them. This captures our whole mind – conscious and unconscious – and helps to integrate our different layers more and more into one whole.

HOW? – work principles of the Inner Compass

Practical side 

  • Personal development and everyday work go hand-in-hand
  • Continuity – increasing awareness and changing behavioural patterns need decisiveness and commitment
  • Group support – the journey is enriched by group members’ ideas, experiences and cheering
  • Measurable results – you set goals for yourself in the beginning of the journey, conduct mid-term reviews and evaluate the end result.

Cognitive side

  • Quirks as strengths – understanding my inner essence, growing internal tolerance and turning my quirks into strengths 
  • Person as a whole – including our whole existence into the process, incl. body, fantasies and dreams