The structure and topics of Inner Compass

The first phase of the programme consists of 4 modules over a period of 3 month.

Every module starts with a 4-hour introductory meeting, where we dive into a specific topic, followed by a month of practical and job-related personal growth work. Your personal development process is supported between the sessions by different tasks and activities: personal reflections, coaching exercises with group members, and a closed virtual group, where you can find additional information on the topic and where you can exchange ideas and ask for advice from others. You can decide how much additional work

The topics of the first phase of the journey:

  1. Life Calling – a deep understanding of your professional purpose
  2. Inner Critic – the main obstacle on your way towards our Life Calling
  3. Deepest Self – your deepest nature and potential for fulfilling your Life Calling
  4. Integration – packing the experiences and tools from the programme to take with you on the life-long journey towards our Life Calling

The list of topics is like a map – it gives an idea of the territory, but the actual landscape will become apparent step-by-step, when we are on the way.

Personal development journey will last for a lifetime and we need different support in different stages. After the first stage of the Inner Compass journey it is possible to continue the process either with the group or in more tailored way through individual coaching.

Here are the possible topics to continue with:

  1. Unhooking from praise and criticism
  2. Power awareness
  3. Making a leap towards the goal
  4. From self-control to self-fulfilment
  5. Career-family-hobbies – how to have it all?