When I was preparing the personal development journey I went walking in the forest, and I was reminded of gigantic red trees – coast redwoods, that grow in the East Coast of USA. These word largest trees grow up to 100 m high. They are also the creatures with the longest lifespan on this planet. I have had the honour of meeting 2000 years old giants. I have been able to be close to them and feel their eternal energy and wisdom. 

Redwoods mostly grow in a circle. Their roots are not very deep in the ground, but they are intertwined with the roots of their relatives – that is how they hold themselves up and keep in contact with each other. 

Redwood forests are a home for many special animal- and plant species. They also have a very important mission to fulfill on this planet – redwood forests are the main fighters against climate changes by turning huge amounts of carbon dioxide into oxygen. 

These majestic trees, that grow through supporting each other and that have a very important role in this world, could be an inspiration and role model on our journey of growing together.