Inner compass through the eyes of participants

By today, the first group is deep into the second half of the 8-month coaching journey and those, who said “yes” to this challenge, have taken several important steps and leaps in their career. Here are some excerpts of what the current participants are grateful for:

  •  Getting clear on their goals
  • Skill and habit of observing and analysing yourself
  • Simple and effective tools for dealing with complicated topics
  • Courage to do things, that I really want to do
  • Quality time with myself
  • Useful professional network
  • Awesome people, who are with me on a similar journey

Participants have said:

“I am grateful for myself, that I had enough selfishness to take time for personal growth journey in a life full of activities and responsibilities. You know the saying, that you should take 20 minutes for meditating every day, except when you are in a hurry – then you should take an hour. Luckily, I was wise enough to implement this idea! Inner Compass has been a great support for me in moving outside of my comfort zone, setting directions, and meanwhile enjoying the journey. These sessions have taught me how to be kind to myself and how to be my own advisor. I am very grateful for these lessons and I know, that there is more to come. I recommend the Inner Compass journey to everyone, who would like to move forward in life consciously and in a state of well-being.”

– Pirgit, freelance IT-analyst

“Guided thinking once a month helps me to systematically work on important topics, that are hard to find the time for otherwise. Setting personal vision and goals with the help of ikigai has been especially helpful – it has significantly simplified making choices of what is my subject and what is not.”

-Merit, entrepreneur, writer

“Personal development journey has helped me to find inner balance. I am more conscious in analysing myself and there is more clarity within me. It has also given me new connections and contacts.”

– Woman, former leader of a company in fashion industry, who is making a big shift by stepping out of a long career and looking for her next calling

“After writing down goals, incredible things started to happen towards their fulfilment. Although I had a sense of my direction before, the support of the group gave me a new momentum. I believe in myself more – I can do things, that I actually want to do! Taking up this journey paid off already in the first 2 months.”

– Woman, member of the management team of a software company

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“Vulnerability doesn’t come after trust—it precedes it. Leaping into the unknown, when done alongside others, causes the solid ground of trust to materialize beneath our feet.”